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Our Story

Women in Synergy, its Health Coaching Program specifically designed for women, and the carefully curated selection of transformational Wellness products that come with it, are all about Empowering Women. When Dr. Diana Hoppe and Lynda Cormier-Hanser first met, they both knew it was more than a chance encounter – they soon discovered they were meant to bring their expertise together, to realize the synergy that comes from the whole being greater than the sum of its parts! Dr. Diana and Lynda share a common desire to empower women to not only be proactive about their health, well-being and financial future, but to also fuel that process with the resources each of these insightful women bring to the table. Simply put, Women in Synergy is brought to you by two inspirational women who are committed and dedicated to YOU, and to enriching the AMAZING women in this world – who not only want balance, health, and financial security, but who DESERVE it!

Part of the synergy created between Dr. Diana and Lynda comes from their understanding and high level of belief in the power of residual income combined with fully comprehending the need for ongoing fundamental health strategies. What makes Women in Synergy so different from other “health coaching “ programs?

1)     Dr. Hoppe, as a board certified OB/GYN, has an expertise specific to the needs of women’s health issues and used that expertise and discernment in her coaching curriculum development, as well as in choosing nutritional resources to offer superior health and wellness results.

2)     Lynda Cormier-Hanser brings her expertise in the areas of leadership, personal development and the home-based business industry that enables even part-time health coaches to create significant income streams.

3)     The Women in Synergy program and wellness product offering brings the best of both worlds to potential health coaches who receive the credibility, certification, training and superior wellness products to reach peak wellness – both for themselves, and for their clients.

Meet Our Leaders

A personal note from Dr. Diana Hoppe:

My name is Dr. Diana Hoppe and I’m not just a board certified Ob/Gyn with 20 years of clinical experience, but a Health & Wellness Coach with a vision to positively change women’s lives. Let me tell you why:

After struggling with my own weight, attempting various diet plans and gaining the weight back each time, I decided to start a new diet and wellness program. A program which included cleansing the body of toxins to achieve weight loss and management.

I achieved my weight loss goal of 18 pounds 24 months ago and maintained it ever since. With my knowledge of nutrition, movement and life balance, I knew I needed to teach women how they could get the same results as me, while at the same time enhancing other areas of their lives.

Recognizing the need for women to take better care of their health, I developed a custom Health Coaching program and partnered up with Lynda Cormier-Hanser and her Wellness team in Women in Synergy.  Through the Women in Synergy and its Health Coaching program, thousands of health coaches will be given with tools to help other women transform their health through weight loss, maintenance, and the implementation of an Inspired Wellness lifestyle.

The Women in Synergy Health Coaching program will provide a new business opportunity for thousands of potential health coaches in the United States just like you! This is the first physician led health and wellness program focusing on women in North America – and beyond.

I’m excited for you to join our movement.


Dr. Diana Hoppe


A personal note from Lynda Cormier-Hanser:

Hi there, my name is Lynda Cormier-Hanser and I am so grateful we are meeting through Women in Synergy. As a wife, mother, speaker, author and business owner, it has been my privilege to work with thousands of people and help them discover their gifts, use them in the service of others and create a livelihood while experience balance and joy. Honestly, finding balance in my own life has likely been of one of my greatest accomplishments, and I feel compelled to help other women achieve that elusive state of health, happiness, and prosperity. Women in Synergy is here to give you the tools needed to accomplish it all.

Like Dr. Diana, I overcame “overweight” and have lost more than 30 pounds, and devoted several years to creating a program that included ALL the resources you need to do the same if need be, and to empower other women to step into their best self. Dr. Dianna and I believe that by teaming up in Women in Synergy, we will be able to help you truly “live your best day, everyday!”

With joy and appreciation, Lynda!

Is now the time to become a health coach?

Yes, NOW is the time to capitalize on riding the wave of Health Coaching. The Coaching industry has seen tremendous growth since 2007, increasing by 38% in the United States alone.

Here are 4 more timely reasons for becoming a health coach now


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has led to many changes in the healthcare system, including a tax penalty if companies’ employees do not become healthier.


Insurance companies are forcing companies and corporations toward more preventative health care for serious medical conditions, including diabetes, obesity and hypertension.


Laws have changed so that physicians are now paid by Medicare for overseeing weight loss and other conditions in obese patients.


There are approximately 70 million Baby Boomers in the United States today with 10,000 turning 65 years of age every day. Many of these Baby Boomers will employ private Health coaches to improve their health and wellness.

The healthcare market is rapidly expanding every day

Today's women - in particular women over the age of forty - are the healthiest, wealthiest and most active generation of women in history. Maintaining a high quality of health is paramount for women in this age group.

Women in the Baby Boomer generation wield more spending clout than any other generation. Women age 50 and older control a combined net worth of $ 19 trillion and own more than 75% of the nation's financial wealth.

Americans are now focusing inward towards their physical and mental health, seeking to connect, enhance and nurture relationships with others.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become an in-demand health coach

As evidenced by the statistics above, the demand for health and wellness coaches is tremendous in many unique and exciting areas.

Clinical Areas & Doctors’ Offices

Working in clinical areas & doctors' offices will give you access to (and the ability to connect with) many women who could use your expertise!

Stay At Home Mothers

Women are living longer and searching for ways to take better care of themselves from a preventative and nutritional standpoint. Women in Synergy Health Coaches will provide them wtih the necessary education and accountability to achieve their health goals.

Corporations & Businesses

Corporations seeking guidance for low cost ways to implement a wellness program for their employees will find higher productivity in their job performance as their health is improved. In addition, corporations will have lower health care costs with the use of health coaches versus having to spend resources on expensive wellness programs.

Are you ready to become a health coach?

Now let us tell you how the Women in Synergy Health Coaching Program can change your life and the lives of women around you

The program begins with you receiving your expertly selected, foundational Wellness products and resources for you to personally use, and to demonstrate them to your clients, plus you’ll receive the Women in Synergy Coaching Success Guide. The step-by-step guide is broken into 3 parts with over 30 hours of online educational course work and materials.

Part 1

Learn the step by step process to building the foundation of your Health Coaching business.

In the first part of the program, we’ll walk you through everything you need to do before you start your business. If we don’t focus on building a strong foundation for your business at the beginning, it will be challenging to get it off the ground or it won’t grow as fast as it could with a strong foundation.

We’ll walk you through the steps and strategies to build the best foundation for your Health Coaching business so it can thrive for years to come.

Highlights Include

  • 1

    Learn how to start your Health Coaching business

  • 2

    2 Easy steps to create your business name, your logo, and get incorporated!

  • 3

    Smart ways to optimize your & your clients' wellness by using and sharing the transformational Hydration, Energy & Weight Management products that are part of your Women in Synergy enrollment.

Both Dr. Hoppe and Lynda recognized that in order to provide true health and wellness coaching, encouragement, and advice, as a Health Coach you need to have wellness resources that are the most vital, cutting edge, and effective. True health begins with intelligently addressing the areas of Hydration, Energy and Nourishment. Being a part of Women in Synergy, you will have access to the very best options, enabling you to offer groundbreaking solutions in those vital categories to your clients. When you are truly hydrated, have negated as much negative stress / energy as possible, and have infused the right type and amount of nourishment, you have set the foundation for true wellness. In addition, you’ll have the tools to address some of the most common concerns that your clients face – overweight, aging skin, joint issues, sleeplessness, and more.

As a member of Women in Synergy, you’ll not only enjoy building your Health Coaching business, but you’ll also receive all the phenomenal benefits associated with the rewarding “GIA Wellness Business Builder” status, a privilege that includes a variety of groundbreaking, result-driven wellness products. Your enrollment product-lineup includes the patented i-H2O Activation System (optimal hydration), the patented Cell Guard (radiation protection), i-thrive (liquid antioxidants), the entire GIATrim Weight Management Program (Cleanse, Curb, and Lean), plus Edge (anti-stress/re-energization), i-nourish (essential fruits & veggies) and – for truly youthful, glowing skin – the HydraGem Age-Defy Serum Duo and the i-glow Skin Optimizing System (additional product info can be found further below on this page, as well as on the Sign Up page). In short, by becoming part of Women in Synergy, you’ll enjoy our ‘one-stop-shop’ with all the resources you need in order to personally use and demonstrate to your clients truly essential wellness products – hand-picked and recommended by Dr. Hoppe and Lynda every day.

Drink-Water-All-Day cropped

Here’s a bit of insight into the importance of intelligent hydration … From a wellness perspective, fundamentally the most important nutrient for the human body is water. Every part of the body requires water to function properly. As a matter of fact, our brain is 90% (!) water. So imagine what would happen if only fractions of the water that we drink all day – every day – actually got into the trillions of cells in our body? We would be struggling with inflammation, we’d need to detoxify our cells (without water properly getting in, we can’t push toxins out), we would feel sluggish and tired, we’d retain fat and acid in our body, we’d likely experience memory loss and brain fog, we’d look older (dehydration is a key factor in aging), and we’d definitely feel older than we should.  Sounds like we just described the majority of the population, doesn’t it?  That is because the water we are drinking simply isn’t adequately getting into our cells. Here’s the good news: As part of your Women in Synergy enrollment,  you’ll receive the popular, ultra-hydrating i-H20 Activation System that converts the water that you drink every day, into water that can actually be absorbed and utilized by the body in an optimal fashion. Backed by a U.S. Patent and over 300 pages of peer reviewed, published studies, the i-H2O Activation System has show to be the essential protocol when venturing onto the path towards optimal health and wellness.

Part 2

Become an expert in women's health and wellness and learn how to build your client list.

With the foundation set, it’s time for you to become an expert Health Coach.


We will educate you on the science behind health and wellness. We’ll dive into important topics like:

  • Why toxins stop us from losing weight
  • How to rid your cells of toxins and fat
  • Basic health & nutrition education
  • The role of hormones in weight loss and weight gain
  • How to minimize menopause symptoms for your clients
  • The importance of hydration, energy, and nourishment in today’s wireless age and how it affects the aging process
  • And much more!

You’ll learn easy fitness plans that you can use with your clients for maximum success.

Learn the science behind healthy foods for women and specific meal plans you can offer your clients.

We’ll also lay out a step-by-step guide to design your client’s first 60 day health program and how to keep them accountable and on track for maximum success.

Once your client hits their weight and wellness goal(s), we’ll walk you through how to design a maintenance program so they can keep the weight off and stay youthful and healthy.

Highlights Include

  • 1

    Become an expert in the basics of health and nutrition for women

  • 2

    Step-by-step guide to design your client's first 60-Day Wellness Program

  • 3

    Step-by-step guide to design your clients first Wellness Maintenance Program

  • 4

    Insightful worksheets to use with your clients

Part 3

Now that your business is thriving, learn how to keep your clients happy with great customer service.

Your business is in full swing. You have many happy and healthy clients which allows you to not only feel great about having helped others, but you also enjoy additional income each month. Now it’s time to learn how to continue to growing your business, while maintaining your existing customer base by keeping them happy and thriving.

We’ll guide you through how to make your clients never want to leave – with great customer service and proven models of client retention. We’ll go over how to continue giving your clients ongoing great value, how to engage them using social media, how to keep them interested and engaged with valuable and insightful email content, and much more!

Highlights Include

  • 1

    The secrets to exceptional customer service designed to make your clients never want to leave

  • 2

    Expert tips on how to use Social Media and Online Marketing to keep your clients informed and engaged

  • 3

    Expert training around all the exceptional wellness products that you'll receive, why you need them, how to use them, what makes them different, and how to best introduce them to your clients.

You’ll also receive a personalized website with e-commerce/shopping capabilities, plus a digital library of audios, videos, written files, and all the material needed to effectively share the insightful information with your clients. You’ll also have access to Lynda Cormier-Hanser’s Breakthrough Living Coaching Program, with FREE monthly CDs and work-sheets that are part of your monthly Automatic Wellness Re-Order (ARO) Rewards Program.

The program also includes these other great benefits

40-Day Challenge Nutritional Guidebook

Use this eBook to educate your clients regarding healthy lifestyle and nutrition - includes over 40 healthy and savory recipes and health tips.

Women in Synergy Worksheets

Don't worry about having to create your own course work for your clients because we've created it for you! We've made over 30 worksheets for you to use including the Women in Synergy Health Coaching consent sheet, start-up assessment sheet, weekly tracking sheets, celebrating milestones sheet, and much more!

FREE YEAR of 1-2 Live Webinars Per Month + Q&A with Dr. Diana, Lynda, and Special Guests

Each month you’ll get access to 1-2 live webinars with Dr. Hoppe and/or Lynda Cormier-Hanser and occasional special guest presenters. They will cover a variety of topics - from health and wellness, to how to maximize your potential, how to make your coaching business more successful, and much more.

Webinars are 20-40 minutes each and include Q&A.

Free Listing On Our Coaching Locator For Life

Once you finish your Women In Synergy certification, you'll be listed on our website's coaches listing. This is where prospective clients can search for coaches using zip codes.

Personally Signed Certificate of Completion from Women in Synergy

After completing all your coursework, you’ll be sent a personally signed certificate of completion by Dr. Dianna Hoppe and Lynda-Cormier Hanser of Women in Synergy.

Gain the benefits of a nationally known brand and PR

While you focus on your Health Coaching business and on keeping your clients happy and healthy, we'll focus on building Women In Synergy brand and continuing to get national exposure. See a list of where I've been featured:

National Television Appearances

Dr. Diana Hoppe and Lynda Cormier Hanser have appeared on multiple domestic and international television programs, including Dr. Hoppe’s recent guest appearance on the Dr. Oz Show

Published in Medical Journals

Dr. Hoppe's involvement in clinical trials in women's health has resulted in publications in multiple medical journals, including the Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Menopause.

Nominated Top Doctor & Award Winning Published Author

Dr. Hoppe was nominated one of the TOP DOCTORS by San Diego Magazine in 2005.

Her book, "Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You: What Your Libido Reveals about Your Life", received the Best Nonfiction, Self-Help and Inspirational Book Award at the San Diego Book Awards for 2010.

Health Consultant for Nationally Distributed Magazines

Dr. Hoppe is a frequent contributor and health consultant for various health magazines, including Women’s Health, Fit Pregnancy, and Brides magazine.

Founder of Vibrantly-You: Women’s Health and Wellness Symposium

Dr. Hoppe is the founding director and innovator of Vibrantly-You, a Women’s Health and Wellness Symposium, which has been held in San Diego for the several years.

Author, Speaker, and Coach

Lynda Cormier-Hanser graduated with honors from USC and attended Cambridge University. After being the only female facilitator of the "Beyond Success" Seminar and highly sought-after speaker of the highest rated team-building event in the nation, Lynda was sought out to write a Coaching Program based on legendary Coach John Wooden's Pyramid of Success. The 24-month “Breakthrough Living" Coaching program was widely published, and Lynda was also recognized for her contribution to the "Chicken Soup for the Soul for the Working Mother" concept. Currently Lynda is joyfully working on her next publication.

Creator of 24-Month "Breakthrough Living" Personal Development Program

Lynda Cormier-Hanser has authored a "24-Month Breakthrough Living" Personal Development Program which has helped thousands of people break through their limiting beliefs and thrive in their personal and business life.

Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Multi-National Wellness Company

Lynda Cormier-Hanser is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of GIA, a multi-national wellness company with a market reach of over 500 million people in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Now imagine yourself living a flexible and comfortable life

Women in Synergy Health Coaching will provide a flexible coaching business model for women to own their own businesses to thousands of women across the United States and beyond. From the “stay-at-home mom” Health Coach to the corporate Health Coach,  Women in Synergy Health Coaching can immediately provide substantial income and job satisfaction.

The ability to work from home, in an office, or even a corporate setting allows our business coaches convenience and flexibility, adding to career satisfaction. Lastly, by having women help other women, remarkable transformations will occur in women’s health and well-being, leading to unsurpassed career fulfillment.

Did you know? On average, health coaches make $47,900 per year

Want to see how much you could potentially make? Use the calculator below to quickly see!

How to Use

Use the calculator to quickly see how much you could potentially make as a Women in Synergy Health Coach.

One on One Coaching

hourly rate




Additional Income

Add in more ways to make money as a coach?


12 sessions at $600.00 per person



6 sessions at $125.00 per person



12 sessions at $600.00 per person


Your Annual Income*: $72,000/year

*The incomes calculated above are for illustrative purposes only, are not guaranteed, and will depend upon many factors, including your skill, knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, and various other factors.

Jennifer Hawks

Women In Synergy Health Coach

We’re seeing results

I am an iridologist, certified medical assistant, owner of a pharmaceutical grade supplement store, bio-energetic practitioner and now a Women in Synergy Certified Health Coach.

Having just received my Women in Synergy Health Coaching Certification brings such joy to me, it is like finally putting the roof on my house. Metaphorically speaking, a house has a foundation, walls that make up rooms and a roof that completes the house. My foundation comes from within me, it consists of who I am as a person. My nurturing traits, my compassion as well as my own struggles. My walls/rooms signify all the different modalities I provide to clients, friends and family. These rooms include GIA, my supplement store "Health of JH , iridology, bio-energetic analysis testing and medical assisting.

I have been working to complete my house but I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to do that.. Until the Women in Synergy Health Professional Coaching program came along. Having received my Health Coaching Certification has allowed me put the roof on my house creating my home. My passion, my goals, my inspiration has all come together. It provided me the information and confidence I needed to start my own business, to teach clients how to create the healthy lifestyle they are looking for as well as a group of other Women in Synergy coaches to collaborate with. I encourage anyone that needs a “roof on their house” or the “glue that holds the puzzle together” to complete this course, it is hands down the best.

Jenn Hawks
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Become a health coach today and get instant access to everything below

Women In Synergy Coach Success Guide

$997 value

40- Day Challenge Nutritional Guidebook

$95 value

1 FREE Year of 1-2 Live Webinars Per Month + Q&A with Dr. Diana, Lynda, etc.

$395 value

Women in Synergy Worksheets

$199 value

FREE Listing On Our Coaching Locator For Life

$295 value

Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You: What Your Libido Reveals About Your Life

$16 value

i-H20 Activation System (Home Unit)

The most profound hydration and detoxification technology available today.
$649 Value


A great tasting, gentle detox formula with renowned ingredients to aid your detoxification and elimination.
$47.50 Value

GIATrim Curb

A revolutionary dietary appetite suppressant designed to help control cravings that can lead to overeating.
$44.95 Value


Soy free, dairy free, and vegan meal replacement protein powder, providing you with optimal amounts of protein, amino acids, carbohydrates and fiber to contribute to your healthy body and weight.
$79.50 Value


A delicious all-in-one nutritional beverage and antioxidant superformula supplying you with 11 key vitamins to support a healthy immune system.
$43.50 Value


Formulated to assist your body's natural recovery from stress, muscle fatigue, and long hours.
$27.50 Value

i-nourish (Fruits & Berries Twin Pack)

Highly concentrated whole food supplement, bursting with the amazing health benefits of 11 Fruits and 13 Vegetables.
$43.50 Value

HydraGem Age-Defy System

Designed to support your skin's natural protection from everyday stress and supply it with a proprietary blend of gem extracts and anti-aging ingredients.
$74.95 Value

i-glow Skin Optimizing System

Provides instant hydration, nutrition, and pollution defense for your skin throughout the day.
$49.95 Value

Cell Guard

Groundbreaking, patented technology designed to neutralize the effects of your exposure to electromagnetic radiation from your Cell Phone.
$27.50 Value

"Heart Flexcore" Pendant

Provides you with a beautiful, body-worn, bioenergetically functional jewelry to help you deal with everyday debilitating stress, including from electromagnetic radiation.
$239.50 Value

Welcome Kit

Everything to share and market the Women in Synergy GIA Wellness products, plus a FREE copy of the "Breakthrough Living" Inspiration Series CD 1, featuring Lynda Cormier-Hanser.
$49.95 Value

Personal Wellness e-commerce website

To start your business, completely FREE for 90 days ($4.95 thereafter)
$14.85 Value

Women In Synergy's Coaching Program with Extensive Wellness Product Starter Pack: $3,409

Early Bird Discount: -$1,512

All yours for only $1,897*

become a health coach

*Take advantage of convenient EZ Pays:
2 monthly EZ Pays of $948/mth, or
3 monthly EZ Pays of $632/mth

Once You Order You’ll Be Given Instant Access To The Membership Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to join Women In Synergy and become one of its Health Coaches?

Many women in their mid-life years are frustrated with their status quo and confused as to their future..   They are searching for ways to make money, have a flexible schedule and promote health and wellness.   Many have not looked for a new vocation for years and may lack the necessary skills to build a new business from scratch, be it online or in the ‘real world’. By becoming a Women in Synergy Health Coach, you will finally be able to own your business and take control of your life!
Financial and time freedom are now truly within your grasp.

Why would this be a great business to own?

Women In Synergy Health Coaching will provide the necessary resources and educational support for you to develop your own health coaching business. Creating financial health for themselves while promoting physical health to other women, women Health Coaches using the Women in Synergy Health Coaching business model will have a unique opportunity to transform their own lives and those of many more women.

Women in Synergy Health Coaching is the first health coaching program jointly run by a female physician and a female Wellness Company Executive in the United States for women. Women in Synergy plans to have a minimum of several hundred Health Coaches using its  program within the next few years.

Dr. Hoppe and Lynda Cormier-Hanser share a passion for education and improving the health of all women. Not only do they want to help you in your physical and financial health, they empower you to help others while you’re being compensated for it.  By our own nature, we as women, want to help other women.  The Women in Synergy Health Coaching program allows for the expansion ofWomen In Synergy’s vision to extend to all parts of the United States, Canada and beyond – from small suburban towns to large metropolitan cities.   Women will be healthier, stronger, and living more empowered lives.

Why is Coaching a great field to enter now?

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Studies, the consulting/coaching services industry is responsible for the majority of employment growth in professional and business services.
  • The coaching industry is growing by 575,600 jobs annually, or 4.7% – one of the largest and fastest growth rates across industries.
  • According to a 2012 study done by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), there are 47,500 life coaches worldwide and 15,800 in North America. The Women in Synergy Coaching Program will have a key advantage in the Coaching arena due to their specialization on sought after health and wellness topics.

Coaching Income Overview:
The average Income and Rates of all types of Coaches:
On average, coaches charge $214 per session (30-45 min. average) and make an average of  $47,900 per year. (ICF)

**Note:  The above figures are averages in income for over 14 TYPES of coaching from life coaching to executive and business coaching.

Why is Health Coaching the “hot” coaching field to enter?

  • The Health Coaching industry has increased by 38% in the past few years.
  • Health Coaching is the only area of coaching where the coach – in addition to successfully running her own Coaching practice – might also offered a job with a physician, hospital or clinic.

There are also 4 critical reasons why this field is so “hot” right now.

  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has led to many changes in the healthcare system, including a tax penalty if companies’ employees do not become healthier.
  • Insurance companies are forcing companies and corporations toward more preventative health care for serious medical conditions, including diabetes, obesity and hypertension.
  • Laws have changed so that physicians are now paid by Medicare for overseeing weight loss and other conditions in obese patients.
  • There are approximately 70 million Baby Boomers in the United States today with  10,000 turning 65 years of age every day.  Many of these Baby Boomers will employ private Health Coaches to improve their own health and wellness.

What makes Womens in Synergy's Health Coaching program so different from other programs out there?

The Women in Synergy Health Coaching Program will provide a new business opportunity for thousands of Health Coaches, other coaches, and women who would like to own their own health coaching business. They may choose to work with a doctor, medical facility, or corporation as a Health Coach in the United States and beyond. This is the first health and wellness program led by a female physician and an international wellness expert focusing on helping and supporting women to restore and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the United States and beyond.

In addition, Women in Synergy Health Coaching is different because it contains a wellness program developed and tested by a medical doctor, plus provides hand-selected, effective and proven Wellness products for you to use and share with your clients.

What does it mean to be a Women In Synergy Health Coach?

It means that you will be one of the female pioneers to embark on this transformational journey toward health and wellness for women in the United States and beyond. The Women in Synergy Health Coaching Program provides you with the tools to mentor women to improve their health and well-being. Using practical tools focused on women, those who enroll with Women in Synergy’sHealth Coaching Program will be given the knowledge they need to successfully build a Health Coaching business targeted to this specific age group.

What educational credentials are required for the program eligibility?

There are no pre-requisites or educational requirements to become a coach with Women in Synergy.

What specific skills do I need to be an Women in Synergy Health Coach?

You only need the ability to be motivated, organized, willing to take simple steps, and commit the time in order to launch your business. You’ll receive the exclusive Women in Synergy Health Coaching Quick Start Guide focused on how to set up a Health Coaching business as well asWomen in Synergy Wellness Program for Women, alongside a number of expertly curated Wellness products in the vital areas of hydration, energy, nourishment and weight management. You will be starting your business within a short time after registering for the program.

Do I need to be a coach already to be an Women in Synergy Health Coach?

No, it is not necessary for you to have a coaching business or any coaching experience to start theWomen in Synergy Health Coaching Program. Wherever you are on the path in your business, this program and its wellness products will provide you the necessary tools to build your business to what you want it to be.

What if I'm a Health Coach already? Can I add the Women in Synergy Health Coaching program to my previous training?

Yes, absolutely! Your previous Coaching and Health Coaching training was probably through a coaching school where you learned how to be a coach. In addition, you might have received some information about diet/nutrition and exercise, as part of your Health Coach Certification. But you probably did not receive a medically developed wellness program designed by a medical doctor and supported by wellness experts, or get an equally important business model and information on how to set up and run a successful coaching practice. Therefore, it would help you gain clients and be more effective with your clients, by helping them follow a physician’s medically developed program for diet, weight loss, hydration, energy, and maintenance of health and wellness.

Also, you will likely be financially more successful if you can give your clients a medically developed and directed program which is combined with a fully integrated suite of proven wellness products. In addition, most coaching certification “schools” are strong on getting clients/PR and marketing, but very few focus on the business of coaching.

Is Health Coaching a time flexible profession?

Yes, that’s one of the many reasons that makes it so exciting! Definitely, Health Coaching is a time flexible profession which makes it so rewarding to many women. You can work your health coaching business around your schedule depending on your financial and personal goals. At first, you will need to spend time learning the systems and understanding the methods and tools provided to you. Dr. Hoppe and the Women in Synergy team will conduct monthly mentoring calls for review and will be able to answer questions regarding the Women in Synergy Health Coaching. Should you miss one of these calls, you will have access to the calls because they will be recorded and archived for you to listen to at your leisure at a later time.

Once your coaching system is created, you can tailor your work schedule around clients that best fits both of your needs.  Educational programs can be held at corporate sites, assisted living facilities, clinics and other medical offices, with scheduling according to your hours and that of the facility, or you can focus on private clients, or both.

What is my relationship with Women in Synergy Health Coaching once I become a coach?

As a Women in Synergy Health Coach, your relationship will be that of an independent contractor. You will be able to set up, market and coach in a manner and frequency that best works with your schedule.

Where can I conduct my Women In Synergy Health Coaching practice?

Due to the enormous demand for health coaches in North America today, there are many venues where you can conduct your coaching practice.  You can hold coaching sessions in private homes, offices, medical offices, clinics, corporate sites or community venues.  The scope is endless and using the tools provided to you, many other locations will present themselves to you.

How much money can I make as an Women in Synergy Health Coach?

As an Women in Synergy Health Coach you will have the opportunity to earn part-time or full-time executive-level income depending on how much time, effort, and skill you invest into your business.

A part-time Women in Synergy Health Coach has the opportunity to average between $12,500 to $50,000 annually. A full time Women in Synergy Health Coach has the opportunity to average between $52,500 to $100,000 annually.

What is Residual Income and how can I create it by being a health coach with Women in Synergy?

Residual income is best described as a “Royalty Check”. Authors, musicians, or actors either write a book or song, or they perform in a movie. For doing so, they receive ongoing compensation (a royalty) for their work. While writing the book, the song, or acting in a movie obviously has a start and end date, the residual income is earned even after the completion date – as a royalty for each book purchased, song downloaded, or movie ticket sold. In stark contrast to that, the ‘usual’ income that 99% of the population earns, comes from trading time for money. Work 40 hour and get paid for 40 hours. And while a bank teller may have a different hourly rate than – say – an attorney, both individuals trade their time for a specific amount of money. If they don’t work, they don’t make money. In Women in Synergy however, by recommending result-driven wellness products that clients consume (and yield tremendous health benefits from) on a monthly basis, you have an opportunity to earn a commission, each and every month – as result of a simple, one-time recommendation. By representing the GIA Wellness solutions/products as an integral part your health coaching business, you now have the resources to offer the best possible wellness results in the areas of Hydration, Energy, Nourishment and Weight Management, plus you earn an hourly rate through coaching, while also building your residual ‘royalty’ income by clients using and sharing GIA products every single day. In setting the proper wellness example for your clients, you’ll personally want to ensure that you are using GIA’s ultimate wellness regimen (‘CLEANSE’ and ‘i-thrive’) each month, and that you access all of Lynda’s Breakthrough Living CD’s, which are available for FREE to any Amazing over 40 Health Coach who has the GIA Wellness products on monthly auto-ship (Automatic Reorder).

Does Women in Synergy Health Coaching take a percentage of revenue (like franchisors do)?

Absolutely not! One hundred percent of what you earn is yours to keep. Once you’ve enroll withWomen in Synergy to become a Health Coach, and after you receive the Women in Synergy Success Guide and the other materials (which you study at your own pace), none of the revenue you generate is paid toWomen in Synergy. It’s all yours.

After completing the Women in Synergy Health Coaching Program, do I have to take expensive additional courses to stay certified?

No, following completion of the Women in Synergy Health Coaching Program, you will not be required to pay any additional fees to stay certified. It is critical that your business is conducted in an ethical manner and that Women in Synergy’s and Amazing Over 40’s Trademarks are protected, as well as other Intellectual Property (IP). For instance, you must get our company’s permission to use our trademark anywhere else except in promoting your own coaching business and when sharing that you are an Women in Synergy Health Coach.

Following the first year of your enrollment date an annual administrative and company contact listing fee of $199 will be automatically charged to your credit card on file so that you may continue receiving updated webinars and quizzes to maintain your certification.

What would be the start-up costs to begin my Women in Synergy Health Coaching Business?

Costs may vary by your location as all of these items are more or less dependent on the cost to design and print them.  It is recommended that – at minimum – you obtain the following:

  • Business cards
  • Cellular phone to conduct business (make sure it has the radiation-protecting GIA Cell Guard on it)
  • A computer for information and Skype-video capabilities to access your clients
  • Reliable transportation for client visits, presentations or group classes in your area.

What kind of support will Women in Synergy Health Coaching provide?

Women in Synergy Health Coaching will hold a “Mentoring” group call once a month to support you, keep you updated on industry trends and answer your questions.  We will also include you in our ongoing social media and video network.  You will be listed on our active corporate website so women will be able to locate you and contact you for an immediate health and wellness consultation.

Are there any discounts that I will receive by being a Women in Synergy Health Coach?

Yes, you will receive discounts on any Women in Synergy Health Coaching seminars, webinars, events, as well as 30% discount on all GIA Wellness products, and a number of other signature offerings.

What does the nominal annual Administrative and Company contact listing fee provide me?

This low annual business investment provides you with the continual use of the Women in SynergyHealth Coaching and Women in Synergy’s Intellectual property to promote your business. Your name, company and business contact information will be listed on the website so interested clients can contact you immediately, in both local and distant areas. Continued use of our copyrighted materials, audio and video files and a variety of other Intellectual Property assets will be provided for you – all for a low annual fee of $199.

Does the Women In Synergy Health Coaching teach me how to be a coach?

No, but we will teach you how to build a successful, thriving business as a Health and Wellness Coach using the Women in Synergy Health Coaching Program. We can refer you to reputable coaching organizations to learn how to be a coach.

Although there are no educational or other requirements for being a coach in the US, many coaches begin their coaching career by attending one of the local or online coaching schools where you can learn “active listening” skills and methods of dealing with various personalities. While many coaches do get a certification from one of the “coaching schools”, there are many coaches who do not.  Many coaches in the US have no certification.  There are also no special coaching schools or requirements to be a Health Coach in the US today.

Unfortunately, many people, who call themselves Health Coaches, are simply making money often pushing low quality product and giving “free health coaching”. While some companies do have some good products and their people give out basic information, they are not providing the skills and tools necessary to become a successful business within the field of health coaching. Women in Synergy Health Coaching is the only Health Coaching program in the US actively sharing information and physician recommended products for women’s wellness to help our health coaches grow their coaching businesses.

Does the Women in Synergy Health Coaching get clients for me?

No. As an independent contractor you have the ability to set up your business however you wish and work either part-time or full-time. Therefore, you are in control of your own PR and networking to attract clients. The Quick Start Guide: Women in Synergy – Feeling Fabulous Road to Successcontains tips and suggestions regarding PR.

When will I receive the Women in Synergy Health Coaching Quick Start Guide?

Once you enroll in the Women in Synergy Health Coaching Program, you can download the Quick Start Guide and start your business right away.

What is the enrollment tuition for becoming a Women in Synergy Health Coach?

A one-time tuition fee of only $1,897.

$1,897? Why is this so low? Other coaching programs cost at least $3,000 to $ 6,000?

Ever since medical school, Dr. Hoppe has been an advocate for women’s education and healthy lifestyle. Her partner in Women in Synergy, Lynda Cormier-Hanser, shares the same passion. They want to give all women from many different economic levels the financial ability to become a health coach. They did not want the initial investment cost of the program to be a deterrent to enrolling in the program.

In addition, healthcare is rapidly moving to a preventative model. The Women in Synergy leadership team sees the opportunity for women in this economy:

  • To create and finally own their own Health Coaching business.
  • Women in Synergy Health Coaches can be at the forefront of helping women regain their health.  Through extending Dr. Hoppe’s and Lynda’s combined knowledge and vision, women are now empowered to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How long will it take to become a Women in Synergy Health Coach?

The rate at which you complete the program is up to you.  The program is self-paced, so you can learn everything you need to be a successful Health Coach around your present job or schedule.  For some, this may be a few weeks, for others it may take 1-2 months to complete the program.  The Quick Start Guide will give you the Women in Synergy Health Coaching business model for setting up your Health Coaching business.  Other tools such as e-books, will help you add to Dr. Hoppe’s/Women in Synergy’s basic program and make it your own.

I have never taken an on-line certification course. How does it work?

Becoming a Women in Synergy Health Coach is an amazing opportunity for you to own your own business. If you love the idea of helping other women over forty attain a healthy lifestyle, lose weight and feel confident about themselves,, and do all that while earning a sizable income, become part of Women in Synergy today!